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Are You Having Problems With Fuso

By June 27, 2014 No Comments

Anyone having any problems with Fuso let me know and I will order you some Mperial for your pens. I am about to order some more for myself so you can get in on the order. I have used this product the past 3 fawn seasons and it has been a blessing. The best and easiest way to use it is to buy a 25 gallon sprayer from Tractor Supply that goes on the back of your buggy. Mix a gallon of imperial with 24 gallons of water and that will cover 1 acre. It is fast and easy to use and will kill all bacteria’s in your pen including the Fuso bacteria. I have used many bacteria killing sprays for my pens and Mperial seems to do the best job by far. Your only other option to get rid of these bacteria’s in your pens that have been with deer for more than 3 years is to disk the entire pen up and flip the dirt completely over. By taking a sprayer and using this product it is a lot less labor intensive as it only takes me 30 minutes to mix up the product and spray a pen. The way my fawn season works is I have 5 bred doe pens that are 1 acre in size and I go in once a month and spray each one. By doing this I have found it to be the most effective. I have had major problems in the past with this Fuso bacteria killing over 30 percent of my fawns and now I only lose around 5 percent. If you have a fawn die in your pen you can tell if you have Fuso by checking the butt of the fawn and if you see white blisters around the anus then you have it.

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