Roberts Ranch specializes in growing large racks at young ages.  We have a wide range of premium genetic deer that can provide any deer breeder with a superior herd that will put you ahead of the game! We have established whitetail breeding pens to introduce premium genetics into our deer herd. All of our does are superior and throw 200+ inch Bucks. We have an artificial insemination program where we AI all of our does to different 300+ inch bucks. We have top of the line bred does, open does, fawns and breeder bucks for sale for other deer farmers. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE BREEDER BUCKS WE HAVE RAISED AT ROBERTS RANCH!  Our operation has been CWD monitored since June 23rd, 2006, and we are TB accredited and Brucellosis certified. If you are interested in learning more about our genetic lines, check out our AI Bucks gallery or have a look at our breeding videos!


Info For New Deer Breeders

We have many great deer for sale on our farm and deciding what deer to buy is the major question. A new deer farmer getting into the industry should first figure out what business direction he or she wants to pursue and that will determine what deer to buy.  Some people want to start a preserve and simply buy shooter bucks also called stocker bucks for his or her preserve to sell as hunts to clients.  If this is your business plan than we have many great stocker bucks for you.  Other deer farmers want to buy premium genetic deer and fewer of them to produce big record breaking young deer to sale to other deer breeders. You need to figure on the direction of your operation.  Make sure to buy great deer semen to produce the fawns you want. We have great deer semen for reasonable prices from deer like Mojo, Fasttrac, Sonic, and Sudden Change. The first way to start a operation is to buy premium genetic bred does because you get more bang for your buck as typically bred does for sale go for the same price as open does and you get normally 3 deer instead of 1.


Deer Farm Operations

Our deer breeding operation consist of around 300 Whitetail Deer. We have roughly 70 mature does being bred each year. We release 60 shooter bucks with superior genetics onto the property yearly. Bloodlines in our breeding program are High Roller, Rocky Roller, Maxbo, Reggie, Sudden Impact, Doc, Scout, Hightide, Reno, GB Magic, Pa Geronimo, Sundance, Gladiator, Timberjack, Timberghost, BamBam, Poncho, Maximus DT, Lil Dan and a wide variety of other great genetics.