Roberts Ranch Pheasant Hunt

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Now’s the time to get your spot in one of our seasonal pheasant hunts! These hunts are very popular and always one of the best pheasant hunts in Florida! Only 40 spots available per date, so sign up today and reserve your hunt!


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– Sunday, February 18th

$350 Total Cost for each hunter.

– There are 20 shooting stations 100 yards away from a 20 foot tower in an open field.

– There will be 2 hunters at each shooting station to make a total of 40 hunters.

– We have 10 birds per hunter to make a total of 400 birds released during a hunt.

– At the start of the hunt all hunters go to each one of the stations (hay bales).

– After 20 birds have been thrown you will hear a whistle to move to the next station.

– You will move to each station clockwise.

– You will continue until all birds have been released.

– After the last bird, a horn signals the hunt is over.

– The pheasant hunt typically runs about three and a half hours long.

pheasant hunting in Florida

All Pheasant Hunts Include
Lunch (12:00 pm)
Tower Pheasant Hunt (1:00 pm – 4:00 pm)
Appetizers and Beverages (4:00 pm on)