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2013 Hunting Season Begins

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To Roberts Ranch Hunt Club Members:
Hunting season officially opens this Saturday with the opening of Archery Season. We look forward to seeing everyone.
We will have the drawing for stands on Friday @ 7:00 PM at the camp house.  There will be some appetizers available at the camp around 6:00 PM for those of you who arrive early.
Here are a few reminders:
Don’t forget to purchase your hunting license
Legal Bucks are 105 inch score and 8 points or better outside of ears
Each Member is allowed 2 personal stands.
Check with Joe and get location approval on a personal feeder and stand location before setting up a personal feeder or stand
We have to approve these locations to make sure you are not too close to a club stand or another member’s stand.
Any member can shoot an untagged doe if they desire but no member is required to shoot a doe.
Do not shoot any of the Axis deer or Blackbuck Antelope this year.
Record all deer and turkey harvested in the Record Book (turkey sheets are in the back of the record book).
Please call Joseph to score all harvested bucks.
All gobblers killed must have a minimum 6″ long beard
The Buck Fee for a Guest  taking a buck as per paragraph 3 of the Rules is $3,000.00.
The Dumpster at the front gate is for household type garbage that will fit inside the dumpster.
Please do not put anything outside the dumpster on the ground.
Jack McClellan fills our club feeders.  He is hard working, honest, trustworthy and a great guy.
The gun range is set up and ready for your use. Please clean up the area after using it.
The skeet thrower is also available for your enjoyment.
A tree fell on feeder 25 and crushed it.  It will not be working for approximately 3 weeks.
If you have any questions or issues during the year, please contact me @ 386-937-0844, or Joseph @ 386-937-1208, or Patrick @ 561-644-6937.Contact Karen @ office 386-329-4000 or by email –
–If any member needs to purchase corn or ADM feed
–If a feeder is not working properly or is out of feed
–If there is a problem with a stand
–If you need Nita to clean your mobile home
–If you need us to help your service personnel gain entry to the camp (for repair, propane, etc.)
–If you need Pest Control for your mobile homes
–If you want to have a group breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the camp. We will put it together for the cost of food and preparation (if you want us to)
–If you need to reserve specific dates for your guests to stay at the camp. The cost will be a 50.00 cleaning fee.
–If you need someone to fill your personal feeders or help with other needs.
–If  you want to schedule a Quail Hunt. (details below)
–Or any other requests

We are planning on running Quail Hunts again this year. Dale Collier will be back to guide the hunts. For each half day hunt he will release 50 quail. We will provide the bird dogs and quail buggy for the hunt. Each hunt will be for 2 hunters and the cost will be $285.00 per hunter. The morning hunts will be from approximately 9:00 AM until Noon. The afternoon hunts will be from approximately 2:00 PM till 5:00 PM. If anyone is interested in booking a quail hunt call Karen and she will check with the guide and confirm the quail hunt booking with you. If you have any questions give me a call or email me.

Attached are the Rules and Liability Waivers for 2013.  Please read and sign and either bring with you Friday or mail them to Karen at 625 State Road 100, Palatka, Fl. 32177.

As always, we will be having our annual opening day dinner and party at our house on the 1st day of regular gun season @ 6:00 p.m. We hope you will be able to attend and look forward to seeing you there.

We are going to put out 10  trophy bucks as well as 10 bred does on the property this year. The does will be tagged and we ask you to refrain from shooting a tagged doe. The bucks will not be tagged and are fair game.
I truly believe this is going to be our best year ever and look forward to seeing everyone throughout the year.
Be Safe and Have Fun!!!!!
Anthony Goodwin

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