Florida Hunting Clubs

Roberts Ranch North side hunting club consists of 3,120 acres of pines and hardwood.  Our north side has a remarkable amount of deer, turkey, and hogs for our members as it sits next to Etoniah creek which draws in wildlife from all over. We allow 24 total members to join our North side which allows you to put up two private stands of your own.  All of our hunters are successful each year harvesting big native whitetail deer. Our membership for our north side is $2,500 so call today to see if we have a spot open for you. Click Here if you want to see some more pics.



 1.     Membership includes no more than two hunters, which includes member and one in member’s “immediate family”, consisting of wife and children living under the same roof and claimed as a dependent of the member. All members must have a current “membership card” in their possession while on the property and it must be shown to anyone requesting to see it.

2.    Each membership shall be allowed to bring one guest per day beginning on the eighth day and running through the last day of archery season and beginning on the eighth day and running through the last day of general gun season.  No guests will be allowed during the muzzle loading gun season. During  spring turkey season no guest will be allowed to hunt more than 100 feet from hunting member.

3.    The guest fees will be $50.00 per day or portion thereof, which includes the fee for taking one doe.  It will be the responsibility of the member to insure the guest fee is deposited in the guest registration box and the guest follows and abides by the Roberts Ranch Game Preserve, L.L.C. (North) – Rules and Regulations.  The guest shall hunt only with and in the same general vicinity of the sponsor member at all times. Each guest shall be limited to one buck deer per year and the fee for a guest taking said buck deer shall be $100.00, plus any infraction fee for any buck with less than four points.  It shall be the member’s responsibility to insure the fees are paid in full.

4.    Each member and the guest of any member must sign the Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement immediately upon entering the property and deposit same in the guest registration box before any other activity.  Failure to do so will result in the responsible member being assessed an infraction fee.

5.    All regulations and laws of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission as well as all state and federal laws will be strictly obeyed and adhered to by each member and each member’s guest.  Any violation of these regulations and laws will be sufficient cause for immediate dismissal from the Hunt Club with no refund of dues.

6.     Antlerless deer tags will be issued on a daily basis, subject to availability, and unused tags must be returned and checked in at the end of each day.  Antlerless bucks and button bucks are not considered legal game anytime and any buck killed must have four points or more to be legal unless the deer is a cripple or cull buck.  Antlerless Tags for illegal bucks with one or more antlers less than at least five inches in length visible above the hairline will be issued only upon receipt of the assessed infraction fee.

7.     STILL HUNTING ONLY.  No dogs will be permitted or allowed on the property for the purposes of chasing or hunting any game animal.  In the event any member brings their dog onto the property, it will be the sole responsibility of that member to insure the dog is quiet and not a nuisance to any other member and under their control at all times

8.     Camping or overnight stays will be allowed at the designated camp site only.  Each member is responsible for the removal of any of their garbage, trash or litter prior to leaving the property and campsites should be kept in a neat, clean and orderly fashion.

9.     Vehicle and vehicular traffic will be limited to main road grades within the property and certain roads will be marked or posted as closed to vehicular traffic.  There will be no driving allowed between the following hours:

Archery Season:  Sunrise to 9:00 AM & 5:00 PM to Sunset

Muzzle Loading & General Gun Season:  Sunrise to 9:00 AM & 4:00 PM to Sunset

Turkey Season:  Sunrise to 9:00AM

10.   Each hunter may reserve no more than two stand locations and is responsible for placing their tacks on the property map before hunting and removing it when finished. The property map will be posted in a central location in the designated camp area.  Each member is responsible insuring that each stand location is no closer than 200 yards to any other member’s stand.  All other stand locations will be on a first come/first served basis.  These stand locations will be respected by other members at all times.

11.   The consumption or use of alcoholic beverages or drugs is strictly prohibited while hunting and any such use will result in membership termination.

12.   No woods burning will be permitted at any time.  If a member detects a woods fire he shall immediately report it and use his best efforts to suppress it.

13    All deer killed will be brought to the designated camp site area for weighing, removing jaw bone and tagging, photographing, aging, and recording in the kill record book.

14.   Firearms will not be discharged in the camp area or within 300 yards of any house.

15.   Each member is required to close and lock each gate each and every time they pass through them.

16.   No three wheeler ATV’s are allowed on the property.  No member may use a four wheeler ATV on the property without having received prior approval from Hunt Club President (notated on their membership card), which is subject to revocation from misuse.  Members must operate the ATV in a safe manner and at speeds less than 20 mph.  No guest or person under the age of 18 years of age will be permitted to operate an ATV on the property at any time.

  1. No construction activity including hammering, power saws and/or chainsaws will be allowed to operate in the camp between the hours of 11: AM and 2: PM during the hunting season. The use of noisy generators overnight will be limited to those times when the temperature is above 75ºF or below 50ºF at 10: PM.

18.   There will be a workday scheduled for the third Saturday of May to review and discuss rules and regulations, help plant food plots, post property boundaries, fix gates and fences, etc.  Each member is required to attend the scheduled work day.  If unable to attend, for whatever reason, there will be an additional assessment of $250 in addition to the annual membership dues, which will be payable prior to being able to hunt on the property.

19.   Any violation or infraction of the foregoing rules and regulations by the member or a family member or guest shall be deemed a violation of the rules by the member and at the sole discretion of the Hunt Club President will be subject to the following:

A. First Infraction – member will be required to pay $100.00 fine or have membership terminated with no refund of annual dues.

B. Second infraction – member will be required to pay $300.00 fine or have membership terminated with no refund of annual dues.

C. Third infraction – membership will be terminated with no refund of annual dues.

The fine for any infraction must be paid before that member is allowed to hunt again or within five days of the infraction, whichever first occurs. Failure to pay the infraction fee will result in membership termination.

20.   All members will use their best efforts to exhibit good sportsman-like conduct and insure each and every person that enters the property is authorized and abides by the foregoing rules and regulations at all times.