Florida Hunting


Roberts Ranch Game Preserve is the ultimate Florida hunting outfit if you are looking at either joining a top of the line hunt club or if you are looking at doing a 3 day hunt of a lifetime! We specialize in whitetails but we also hunt hogs, turkey, and exotic animal. We are located in Northeast Florida, 60 miles South of Jacksonville, in Putnam County. We have 7,000 acres of planted pines, oak hammocks and hardwood creek bottoms all enclosed by an 8 foot game fence. We have managed the property extensively for the past 12 years by putting premium genetic does and bucks into the preserve to create the best genetic deer in Florida for our annual members.

florida hunting

Hunting In Florida

 Our Fully Guided Day Hunts include your food, lodging, trophy fee, skinning, caping and field dressing of you trophy. We have a large amount of game for our day hunters including Florida Deer Hunting, Florida Turkey Hunting, Florida Hog Hunting, Florida Pheasant Hunting and Exotic Hunting (Trophy Axis, Black Buck, Fallow, Sika, and Red Stag). Our Annual Hunting Memberships include full access to our 7000 acres of game preserve for the best Florida hunting you can find. We have cameras throughout the camp to capture our Whitetail Deer in action, so check out the sidebar links for our latest photos.

Florida Deer Farms

Our Whitetail Deer breeding pens have introduced premium genetics into our deer herd. Every one of our Does are superior and can throw 200+ inch Bucks. We have an artificial insemination program where we AI all of our Does to different 300+ inch Bucks. Click Here for more information about our Deer Breeding program. For great Florida Hunting,  you need great accommodation, and our rustic hunting lodge has complete running water and electricity for our hunter’s needs. Click Here for more information and some photos of our lodge.

Florida hunting

Florida Deer Breeders

Roberts Ranch Game Preserve is the ultimate Florida deer hunting preserve. We offer the most exciting and best Florida deer hunting in the state. If you, as a Florida hunter are looking for an outfit where you don’t want to fly or drive thousands of miles to shoot a trophy whitetail deer, then this is the place for you. Most Florida hunters do not think of Florida as having trophy deer, but with our vigorous work on breeding remarkable genetics into our herd (along with the premium does we have purchased) we have established an unbelievable herd of whitetail deer for our hunters.

Click here to view our 2012 breeding video.

Click here to view our 2011 breeding video.

Click here to view our 2010 breeding video.

Florida Deer Hunting

There are many Florida hunting preserves and Florida hunting clubs in the state, but if you are looking for a whitetail hunting preserve that will provide the best Florida hunting throughout the year, then Roberts Ranch is the place for you. At Roberts Ranch, your hunting time will be spent looking at an awesome selection of large whitetail deer, deciding which ones you are going to harvest, and having a blast with the enjoyment of our other hunters. We also offer some of the largest exotic hunts in Florida. If you are looking to shoot a trophy Axis, Blackbuck, Fallow, Sika, or Red Stag then come any time during the year to do an exotic hunt. Click here to view our video to see some of the amazing hunts here at Roberts Ranch.