About Us

Roberts Ranch is the ultimate deer hunting preserve in Florida. If you are looking to join a top of the line deer hunt club in Florida or have a 3 day hunt of a lifetime, then we are the place to be! We specialize in whitetail, but we also hunt hogs, turkey, and exotic animal. We are located in Northeast Florida, 60 miles South of Jacksonville, in Putnam County. We have 11,000 acres of planted pines, oak hammocks and hardwood creek bottoms. 7000 acres is enclosed by an 8 foot high game fence. We have managed the property extensively for the past 15 years, and have put premium genetic does and bucks into the preserve to create the best genetic deer in Florida. We have been the top deer breeder in the state of Florida and have produced the biggest whitetails in the state for the past 10 years. We also do European style pheasant hunts that everyone loves to attend!

Roberts Ranch Day Hunts

Our Fully Guided Day Hunts include your food, lodging, trophy fee, skinning, caping and field dressing of your trophy. Our day hunts are 3 days and 2 nights of stay at our lodge with lunch and Dinner served. We have a large amount of game for our day hunters including Whitetail deer, Hogs , Pheasant and Exotics (Trophy Axis, Black Buck, and Red Stag). You will have a professional guide that will help you throughout your entire hunt and will answer any questions you may have. When you come to do a hunt with us, all you will need to bring is your rifle, camo, and cooler. If you shoot at an animal and we visually see blood, then that will be your harvest regardless on if we find the animal or not. Our hunts are guaranteed meaning if you don’t have an opportunity to shoot an animal then we will get you back for no additional fee. We ask all hunters to be courteous to both our guides and cook by tipping them after the hunt. Most people tip their guides $200 per animal and tip the cook $50. If you are wanting to do a day hunt with us give me a call and if we have availability, you will need to send in a deposit for half down to secure your spot. After we receive your deposit we will line up the dates that will work best for you. We do a total of 20 whitetail deer hunts and 20 exotic hunts throughout the season so don’t miss your chance to hunt with us!

Roberts Ranch Hunting Clubs

Our south-side hunting club is a 7000-acre high fenced hunting club. We only allow a total of 18 members for maximum hunting. Our members are allowed to shoot 3 mature bucks a year along with hogs and turkey. We provide 25 locations throughout the property that have double man and single man tripod stands and feeders that we maintain year round for our members. The club stands are on a first come first serve basis. We also turn out 10 shooter bucks each year along with 10 bred does to maximize our herd with premium genetics. We have been turning out deer in this club for the past 15 years and have estimated releasing over 300 deer to improve our herd. Our members have shot deer ranging from 130 inches up to 244 inches. If you are one of our eighteen members, you are allowed to be on the property year round. All of our members have their own trailer’s, and hook up to our water and electric. Once you are a member you get a key to the property along with access to 25 of our club scouting camera’s to see the game coming to the club feeders. You also have access to an app that will help you locate all the club stands and feeders. We also have released axis deer and blackbuck antelope throughout the 7000 acres that you can hunt. Our north-side hunting club is a 4000-acre low fenced hunting club. We allow a total of 24 members to be a part of this club. This club requires you to put up your own feeders and stands at your two locations. There have been many great trophy whitetail deer taken off this hunting club as it has been managed for the past 15 years. If you love to hunt turkey than this is the club for you as this land holds a ton of Osceola turkey.

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