Florida Deer Hunting

Florida deer hunting can be just as exciting and fun as going up North!  We offer deer up to 300″ and they range anywhere from very typical to trashy non-typical.  Florida deer hunting at Roberts Ranch is action packed with deer all over the woods hiding and ready to be hunted!  Don’t let the great opportunity to hunt in Florida pass you up.  With our hand built box blinds, hunting in Florida has never been so comfortable come rain or shine! Florida deer hunting has always been very challenging with the thick palmetto terrain. We have very experienced guides that can help you get on that trophy of a lifetime! Click here if you would like to see some photos of some of the bucks that have been taken by some of our three day hunters. Click Here if you would like to see some of the bucks that our annual members have taken.

$3,000 – $10,000 Total Cost for 3 Day Hunt or 3 Mature Bucks Included in Annual Memberships



Archery Season

Crossbow Season

Muzzleloading Gun Season

General Gun Season


September 14 – October 13

Antlered or antlerless deer by bow only

September 14 – October 13

Antlered or antlerless deer by crossbow or bow only

October 14-18

Antlered deer only by crossbow or bow

October 19 – November 1

Antlered deer only by muzzleloader, crossbow or bow

Nov. 2 – Jan. 19

Antlered deer entire season; antlerless deer may be taken Nov. 23-29 by all legal centerfire rifles and pistols, shotguns, muzzleloaders, crossbows and bows

A 50% depost is due at the time of booking with balance of hunt being due upon arrival ($1,000 of which is not-refundable) when booked. There are a limited of Roberts Ranch hunts available each year. Once they are all booked up, we will be booking for the following fall hunting season. All hunts below 170 are 3-day and all above 170 are 4-day hunts.

White Tail Day Hunt Prices

Management HuntUp to 130″ class$3,000
Silver Hunt130″-145 class$4,000
Gold Hunt145″-160″ class$5,000
Platinum Hunt160″-175″ class$6,000
Roberts Ranch Hunts175″-189″ class$8,000
190″-199″ class$10,000
200 classCall
(plus $200 for every inch over 200)
        All Hunts Include:

      • One on one guide
      • Meals
      • Lodging
      • Skinning & Quartering
      • Caping
      • Sight-in range
      • Transportation on Ranch
      • Hunting Blinds
      • Night-time campfire
            Not Included:

          • Guide Tips (Guides work for tips. $200 per animal harvested is adequate)
          • Non-hunters ($150 per day)
          • Transportation to Ranch
          • Weapon
          • Camo


Hunt Sizes


If you have any questions contact Joe Roberts.
Phone: 386-937-1208

Florida Deer Hunting

Florida Deer Hunting